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HP Saturday! Ft. Crumpets

Hello social distancers! Welcome to another installment of HP Saturday. As you may recall from my post on our COVID-19 experience, HP Saturday will now occur on the first Saturday of every month. Not a bad way to start a month, if you ask me. 🙂 As the pandemic continues to heavily influence our lives

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Chocolate Chip Waffles & Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Paired with The Night Country

The Night Country: A Hazel Wood Novel is the sequel to The Hazel Wood, both by Melissa Albert. (See my previous post on The Hazel Wood here!). I love the Hazel Wood books’ dark take on the fairy tale world, and truly, both novels have provided some strong fantasy escapism. The Night Country Review After

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Hawaiian Pizza Paired with Supermarket by Bobby Hall (aka Logic)

I wanted so badly to like Supermarket. I really did. It’s written by Bobby Hall, aka the Grammy-nominated rapper Logic. Supermarket is labeled as a psychological thriller, but reading it left me more annoyed than on the edge of my seat. Hall’s writing is stylistically unappetizing to me with its choppy sentences and lack of

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